Why Urban Gardening Can Be A lot More Than Just a Hobby

Richard Bord/Getty Images Via The Conversation

THENEWLEAM.COM – Gardening is a popular hobby in Indian cities. Although in the case of the majority of households there is hardly any space for gardening, the green urge and creativity of many people find an outlet somehow, even though this may be confined to a few earthen pots. The sheer joy of plucking a few home-grown coriander leaves, or a few mint leaves,  a  green chilly or two, even occasional brinjal can cheer up a household any morning. 

Basil ( tulsi) plant is of course the most common ( and the most useful) plant for urban households in India. Creepers offer a way of growing useful vegetables and beautiful flowers even in the absence of open space. Terrace gardens open up many creative possibilities. There are other more fortunate households who are able to have a proper garden in front of or adjoining their house.

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