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Smart Pressure Washer with Hot Water Option

Thinking of buying a pressure washer in the UAE? You can’t go wrong with Crownline. Our pressure washers feature ergonomic and lightweight construction combined with powerful pumps that deliver 200 to 290 psi (14 to 20 bar) of maximum power to simplify the washing and cleaning of various commercial and residential surfaces. With the gun’s intense pressure, you can effortlessly scrub off the toughest dirt, grime, and grease from patio furniture, siding, vehicles, marine vessels, landscaping equipment, and decking.

A versatile washer

If you’re looking for a versatile and portable pressure washer in the UAE, Crownline CPW-264 is the ideal option. It’s great for driveways, garages, backyards, patios, gardens, decks, campsites, boats, and other places that require a heavy-duty cleaning tool that can reach anything and everything, even the smallest nooks and crannies. Plus, it lets you source water from a bottle, bucket, lake, or pool. For more convenience, be sure to get our Crownline 15L foldable bucket for uninterrupted cleaning, even in areas without plumbing.

Meeting your cleaning requirements

Our pressure washer has two spray modes for various watering and cleaning applications. Use ‘fan’ mode for simple watering or rinsing or ‘direct’ stream to enable targeted pressure washing. Rest assured, the powerful 130 W motor will keep the washer running optimally at a flow rate of 3.5 L/min or 0.9 gal/min.

Reliable performance

The Crownline CPW-264 is the best cordless pressure washer in the UAE for its reliable performance. It’s powered by an 18.5 V 2,500 mAh lithium battery that provides up to 30 minutes of cleaning time per charge. Moreover, it can be recharged in 3.5 to 4 hours. If you’re cleaning spaces with poor visibility, the pressure washer comes with a flashlight that’s powered by 3 alkaline AAA batteries, which are sold separately.

You can purchase this pressure washer in the UAE at any National Store branch or check out or Amazon. Be sure to follow us on our social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and X to get updates on special offers and discounts.

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