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See These Niagara Falls Gardens in Spring

Whether you’re visiting Niagara Falls, Canada or you live nearby, these are some of the most stunning gardens to visit in Spring. 

Near the Garden Floral Showhouse, you’ll find rows of tulips lining the pathways all around the gardens. 

A few steps away you’ll see a breathtaking row of magnolias engulfing the path.  It’s a favorite for taking photos, whether a quick snap for your instagram feed or even a formal photo for your wedding. At least a few times a year I see a bride and groom snapping a few pics.

On the other side of Niagara Falls, down Niagara Parkway you’ll see the Lilac Gardens. 

There are over 500 lilac trees planted all around this free outdoor park.  If you are lucky enough to get there during the 2-3 prime weeks in Late April to Late May (weather dependent) you’ll be surrounded by an intoxicating smell of fragrant lilac flowers. 

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