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How To Open Ironing Board 3 Easy Ways

How to open ironing board. Even though ironing garments is a common yet fundamental household activity, using a sturdy pressing board can greatly improve efficiency. Having said that, you may discover it challenging to figure out how to open a modern ironing board if you’re new to ironing or if you recently received one. Do not be alarmed! We’ll show you how to open an ironing board step-by-step in this detailed tutorial, so you can deal with creases without difficulty.

How to open ironing board

How to open ironing boardHow to open ironing board

Gather Your Supplies

Make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need before you start:

  • Ironing Board: Naturally, you will require the ironing board, which you must set up.
  • Flat Surface: Find a level and open region where you’ll set up your ironing board without any obstructions.
  • Safety: If your ironing board contains a safety lock, ensure it’s withdrawn to permit smooth unfolding.

Position the Ironing Board

Place the ironing board on a level surface with enough space to unfold it completely. Guarantee there are no obstacles in the way that might ruin the opening process.

Inspect for Safety Features

Many modern ironing boards come with safety features, such as a locking instrument to prevent accidental collapses. Check for any safety locks or clips that can secure the board in a closed position.

Release the Safety Locks

If your ironing board has safety locks, find them and release them. This frequently includes pulling or sliding a lock or lever. The safety lock typically closes the pivot or the folding mechanism.

Unfold the Legs

Most ironing boards have legs that crease in and out. Once the safety locks are released, snatch the legs and drag them apart until they are completely extended. Make sure the legs are safely locked in place.

Adjust the Height

How to open ironing boardHow to open ironing board

Ironing boards regularly come with flexible height settings to suit users of distinctive statures. If your ironing board incorporates a posture adjustment feature, set it to a comfortable level. This is usually done by using a lever or button near the legs.

Lock the Ironing Board in Place

Once the board is unfolded and at the specified height, ensure that all locking instruments are locked in. This step is crucial for the stability and security of the ironing board while in use.

Test Stability

Allow the ironing board a tender shake to ensure it is steady and safely set up. If there’s any wobbling or instability, double-check the locking mechanisms and leg extensions.


Opening an ironing board may seem like a clear task, but understanding the particular features of your board and following a systematic approach can make the method seamless. You will be well on your way to effectively setting up your ironing board and managing those wrinkled clothes with ease if you carefully follow the instructions provided in this article. Happy ironing!

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