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Feng Shui Tips: Colors to Skip in Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is more than just a place to cook. It’s a key part of your home’s energy. In Feng Shui, colors matter a lot here. Some colors might upset the balance and feel of your kitchen. Let’s look at colors you might want to avoid for a better, more balanced kitchen.

1. Less Black

black kitchen cabinets

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Black looks cool, but too much can make your kitchen feel heavy. In Feng Shui, black clashes with the kitchen’s ‘fire’ energy. It’s better to use black in small amounts.

2. Careful with Red

cherry red kitchen cabinets

Red is bold and can look good, but too much red might make you feel restless. It’s another ‘fire’ color. Use red just for small things in your kitchen or go for a cherry shade.

3. Soft Yellows

sogt yellow kitchen cabinets

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Bright yellows are too strong and can be unsettling. Choose soft mellow yellows for a calm, happy kitchen.

4. Not Too Much Grey



Grey is modern but can make a space feel sad or alone. In a kitchen, a place for gathering, grey might not be the best choice. Check these 10 Stunning Grey and White Kitchen Design Ideas.

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5. Simple Colors



Too many colors or busy patterns can make your kitchen feel chaotic. Feng Shui likes simple and calm colors. Pick colors that go well together.

6. Balance White



White is clean and makes spaces feel bigger. But too much white can feel cold. Mix white with warmer colors for a cozy kitchen.

Remember, your kitchen should feel right for you. Avoiding these colors can help make your kitchen a more positive and welcoming place. Pick colors that make you happy and fit the feel of your home. This way, your kitchen won’t just look good, it’ll feel good too.

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