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5 Best Ideas For Old Ironing Boards

Ideas for old ironing boards. In a world that progressively values sustainability and repurposing, ancient ironing boards can find an unused lease on life through creative upcycling. Instead of consigning these seemingly mundane family things to the landfill, consider changing them into special, functional, and smart pieces that add character to your home. This article investigates a range of imaginative ideas to inspire you to repurpose ancient ironing boards.

Ideas for old ironing boards

Ideas for old ironing boardsIdeas for old ironing boards

Wall-Mounted Shelving

Convert your ancient ironing board into a space-saving wall-mounted shelf. Remove the legs and secure the board to the wall with sturdy brackets. This makes a flexible and a la mode rack that can be used for displaying decorative things, books, or indeed as an improvised bar. Paint the ironing board in a color that complements your home decor for an added touch.

Portable Desk

Give your ancient ironing board a new purpose by turning it into a convenient work area. Remove the legs, include a fresh coat of paint or recolor, and secure a wooden plank over the best for a smooth writing surface. This repurposed desk can be a helpful and stylish addition to a small living space or home office.

Garden Workstation

Transform your old ironing board into a convenient garden workstation. Expel the legs and put the board evenly across two tough sawhorses. Use it as a preparing table or a surface for repotting plants. You’ll also need hooks to hang gardening tools and a small shelf for holding pots and soil.

Vintage-Inspired Bench

Give your home a touch of vintage charm by repurposing an ancient ironing board into a smart bench. Remove the legs, include a comfortable cushion, and paint or resurface the board to suit your decor. This unique seat can be set in the entryway, room, or living room, giving both usefulness and aesthetic appeal.

Quirky Wine Rack

Turn your old ironing board into a conversation-starting wine rack. Expel the legs, position the board evenly, and secure it to the wall. Attach wine glass holders underneath and store your favorite bottles on the surface. This useful and artistic wine rack will undoubtedly become a focal point in your home.

Kitchen Island with Storage

Ideas for old ironing boardsIdeas for old ironing boards

Make a unique kitchen island by repurposing an ancient ironing board. Remove the legs, secure the board to a strong base, and include hooks for hanging utensils or towels. Upgrade functionality by joining storage racks or bushels underneath. Finish the piece with a durable paint or sealant suitable for kitchen use.

Artistic Room Divider

Turn an old ironing board into a one-of-a-kind room divider. Paint the board in vibrant colors or designs, and pivot multiple boards together to form a folding screen. This artistic divider not only adds visual intrigue to a room but also serves a practical purpose in defining spaces.


Old ironing boards hold untapped potential for inventive upcycling ventures. By thinking outside the box, you can breathe modern life into these forgotten household items, contributing to a more economical and visually interesting home. Whether you select to repurpose them as furniture, capacity solutions, or decorative components, the possibilities for changing old ironing boards are as varied as your imagination. So, roll up your sleeves, grab a few paint and tools, and embark on a journey of upcycling that not only benefits the environment but also adds an individual touch to your living space.

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