Turn your Brown Thumb into a Green Thumb

3 Steps to turn your Brown Thumb into a Green Thumb

Learn the 3 steps every green thumb gardener does.   For a more detailed overview of how you can get a green thumb, download this free guide.

Green Thumb Rule #1

Baby your newborn plants.  When you first transplant a new plant into your garden or start seeds for the first time, you need to be a very protective mama or papa.  New plants need extra care and attention, so water daily and keep any harmful weeds or pests away.  Go overboard and baby your plants for those first few weeks. 

Green Thumb Rule #2

Continue caring for your plants even when they aren’t producing food or flowers.  There is usually a waiting period of a few weeks or a few months between when you first plant to when you can start harvesting. Now isn’t the time to forget about your garden.  You need to continue to water, weed and protect your plants from pests and disease during this maintenance mode.  As long as you keep on top of it, your plants will remain healthy and give you delicious homegrown food or flowers.

Green Thumb Rule #3

Plan out your garden.  Garden planning includes 3 strategies: knowing when to plant for your climate, picking the right plants for your garden conditions, and spacing your plants correctly.  Even if you do step 1 and 2 perfectly, but you’re planting the wrong things at the wrong time or not giving them enough room to grow, you’ll experience failure in your garden.   You can do this step manually or use a Garden Planner App to make it faster and easier.

All successful gardeners do these 3 steps, whether they instinctively do them after years of trial and error, or they were taught them.

Once you start following these 3 steps, you’ll prove to yourself that you can have a green thumb, and that you can successfully grow your own food at home!  

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