Crownline’s Contemporary Vacuum Cleaner for Modern Living

Do you still clean your home or office by dusting, wiping, and sweeping? We recommend getting a high-quality vacuum cleaner in the UAE to save energy and time and make cleaning effortless and easier. You don’t even have to look elsewhere because we carry the best selection of vacuum cleaners for every need.

Wet and dry vacuum

Crownline SS-23LB is a powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaner with a blowing function. Running on 1200W of power and with 180 air-watt suction, it’s an all-rounder for outdoor and indoor use and can clean up any debris, including dust, dirt, wood chippings, sand, metal shavings, liquid spills, and sawdust.

SS-23LB is a greatvacuum cleaner in the UAE for the most demanding cleaning jobs. It has a 32L dust tank and a fabric filter to keep all the dirt inside. Plus, it’s easy to move around with its 1.5 m hose and four wheels. It’s also intuitive to use with 3 extension wands, crevice tools, and a wet-dry nozzle.

Bagless vacuum cleaner

Bagless vacuum cleaner

Crownline VC-272 is a great canister vacuum cleaner in the UAE for cleaning pet hair and dust at home. It comes with a washable 5-filter HEPA filter and a lightweight design that’s easy to manoeuvre, carry and store. This vacuum alerts you when it’s full, and you can simply pour the contents of the 2.2L easy-empty dust cup into the trash bin. In addition, it lets you clean effortlessly with an automatic cord rewind and 360-degree hose swivel feature that prevents tangling and twisting without scratching hardwood floors.

Cordless convenience
cordless convenience

Do you prefer a lightweight and portable vacuum cleaner in the UAE? Check out our VC-278 cordless vacuum. But don’t let its compact size fool you because it has a reliable and powerful 350-watt motor capable of providing up to 20 Kpa suction for thorough and deeper cleaning. With two suction speeds, it satisfies most cleaning requirements, from picking up pet hairs, dust, and crumbs to cleaning the floor, windowsills, sofa, car upholstery, bed, and stairs.

You can use the VC-278 in two ways: as a cordless stick or a handheld vacuum with the two versatile attachments. Use the handheld mode for hard-to-reach places and the wand mode for elevated areas and under the bed or sofa.

This vacuum can run for up to 40 minutes in low-speed use, thanks to its 29.6V 2000 mAh lithium battery. It takes only 5 hours to charge, and there is a battery capacity indicator to eliminate your guesswork on when to recharge the unit.

Visit the nearest National Store to get any of these vacuum cleaners. You can also shop for a Crownline vacuum cleaner in the UAE at or Amazon.

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